The disappearance of the global helium reserve in the US creates greater opportunity for helium exploration.

(Cormark Securities Inc. July 2, 2020)

The current environment offers an attractive opportunity for helium extraction given the availability of:

Drilling for helium is nearly identical to the process of drilling for natural gas, an industry which generated significant data that can be used for helium.

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The Helium Sandbox: A Productive Region

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Global Helium is in an area of known high helium concentration – a  southwest to northeast trend from Montana through Alberta to west central Saskatchewan.

Data is plentiful and reliably available. Historic helium drilling, production, seismic lines, well logs, and gas analyses allows Global Helium to select target-rich areas with significantly less risk.

A Prospect of Interest

Very large helium structures – and several wellbores – exist on Global Helium controlled land.


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Global Helium’s path to revenue generation is broken into four milestone steps:

1. Drill/Explore/Prove

2. Separation

3. Liquefaction

4. Transport/Sell

Global Helium intends to extract helium where nitrogen (not hydrocarbon gas) makes up the bulk of the carrying gas, making it much less expensive and much more environmentally friendly to produce and process

Recoverable helium will be identified by readily available:

  • Third-party geoscience & engineering analysis
  • Fluid modeling, gas isotope analysis
  • Well log data and seismic
  • Remote sensing such as aeromagnetic and gravity surveys
  • Drilling and Completion techniques, teams and equipment

Global Helium intends to utilize readily available gas processing equipment to separate and refine gaseous helium at, or near, the wellhead

The economics may dictate that more shareholder value can be created by constructing a liquefaction facility near its properties in order to consolidate production, and refine gaseous helium into liquefied helium for cost effective shipment to buyers already identified by the Global Helium Team

The Company has obtained letters of interest from purchasers of liquid helium.